Start by letting go

To let go…

Why did I name my blog live to let it go? For me it contains everything what life is about. Let it go is one of the hardest tasks for most of the people. To let it go does not have a negative connotation in my eyes, it just makes you realize that you should write serenity in big words. Emotions are important, emotions reveal what we really want, where we want to go in life and serenity shows you that experiences and things that happen or have happened to us in life are important in order to let us grow. But do not let those experiences guide your path of life. Only through experiences you become the person you want to be but to be able to move on and let new experiences into our life we need to learn to let it go. We like the habit, the comfort we live in. Often, we do not feel ready for a change. Change does not has to be socially big, like moving to another city, getting a new job or getting married. Change is what happens inside of us and leads to the outside factors, which everyone can see eventually. Change can be a change in your nutrition, a change in how you treat people, a change in how you view the world or a change in how you cope with your past to only name a few examples.

I do not want to convince anyone with this statement butĀ depending on my current state of mind I have those thoughts and just want to inspire and share. I hope that you can create the life you want to have no matter what risks you need to take.



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