Sooner or later in life you get to a point where you can feel disappointment and pain all over your body and mind because something in life did not go as you thought it would be. You maybe had the perfect plan of your life, thinking about your future career, the places you want to live in, the people you want to surround yourself with. And then bäm! something happens in your life which you would have never expected and you are sitting there, watching your own life passes by and you feel like you do not have any control anymore and don’t know how to react. Your mind is a genius but dangerous tool, it romanticizes a lot of situations, ideas and plans you have for your own happiness because thats what we do, we believe in the good. This is not a wrong way of living your life. If you fill yourself with mistrust you will not enjoy the moment because on the next corner something bad could happen to you.

This is life and it happens to all of us. Life is no candy shop where you can only buy the sweet things you need. Disappointments and failure leads to open new doors, to understand new perspectives and to think differently. It does not mean that your life is now in ruins, you should stop worrying and understand that it means that you have the opportunity to be the person you want to be and you feel to be.




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