Encounters & Learning

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copyright: @ Tabea Schlz

copyright: @ Tabea Schlz

Recently I have been reading a really good book by Kay Pollak…it is really thin but it takes a long time until you have read it because you have to not only read but understand. This book has put a new point of view towards my opinion about relationships. I do not mean only romantic relationships but contact with different people in your life. People come and go into your life and sometimes you wonder why and you cannot really understand the purpose. I’m a human who reflects a lot, my own behavior, thinking, the way I act upon other people, what I have said and how I have communicated with them. The book inspires you to take another look at the encounters you make in your life, through every person you meet you are able to learn something for yourself. Sometimes this person stays in your life in order that you learn a lesson others stay a lifetime and are a great complement to your life and sometimes you even learn something about a person you meet one day and never see again. It depends on your own way of thinking, how you view the people and the environment you surround yourself with. Some communications do good for you and your being, others hurt you deeply and letting go of that person does hurt even more because you are letting go of maybe only a sequence of yourself as well. You do not know what is going on in the thoughts of someone else, how they interact with you, what their intentions are if they even know it by themselves. But this book taught me that I’m able to change my thoughts, I’m able to take every person as they are and understand whether they are capable of giving love or whether they are scared..scared of life or of themselves and they actually seek for love. Moreover I believe that every person is acting out of its best in every moment, sometimes this is more or less for another person but we are not in the position to judge.

If you are judging another person, you are never judging the whole being. It is easy to judge a person by what you are seeing but it also produces negative feelings inside yourself. You are never fully happy if you judge other people, it only harms yourself. The way you are meeting people, the way you interact with them, communicate with them, feel them, inspire them or think about them tells a lot about yourself and whether you experience negative feelings with it, the problem lays in your own system of thoughts. Sometimes you have to take a step out of the box and look at it from a different point of view and understand what this person is trying to tell you (not only with their language and words). I believe that every person you meet can positively affect you, no matter how they have made you feel even though you felt disappointed for example. Because its what you take out of it for yourself, how you deal with the energy, the communication with this other person. If you understand this, then this enriches your life and the relationships you have with different people in such a good way. Try it!

Ps: If you want to know more about the book, just ask!


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