you can only improve yourself if you are trying


My blog for example is not perfect. Sometimes I go through the articles I have written so far and the sentiments, thoughts, ideas and mindworks are not perfectly described or I still wasn’t able to put to paper the exact describition of how I felt. Writing isn’t easy and so is not any other activity or living life in general. But if you do not try you will not get better. I believe that you can get good or near to perfection in anything you want to achieve. The boundaries are your own mind, the thoughts you surround yourself with and how and in what way you let yourself influence by others. Moreover you have to believe in yourself and do not push down yourself. Your ideas are good! They are worthy looking at. Self-esteem is important and let your creativity and phantasies take place even if they seem stupid in the first place.

Personally,I think music is extremely powerful for the creative thinking and making process. Once of my recent discoveries is: Laura Welsh. I think she has a great voice which gets me totally and reminds me a little of Florence & the Machine…Give it a try!



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